Free Open Source Anti-Virus for Bitcoin


Protect against malware and viruses targeting your wallets, clipboard and more.

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  • Automatically Verify Wallet Authenticity

  • Detect Clipboard Tampering

  • Monitor Wallet Integrity (SHA256 Checksums)

Fully Auditable on Github

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Trusted by Bitcoiners Worldwide

"Finally, an easy way to verify if your Bitcoin wallet software is authentic"


Eric Podwojski (@epodrulz)

Co-Founder BitcoinTalentCo

Maryland, USA

"Simply install and boom: extra comfort that I'm using non-tampered Sparrow Wallet software. A must for everyone doing self custody"


Rob (@bitsaga_org)

Founder Bitsaga


"After using Branta for one transaction from Swan to Sparrow, I would never run without it again"

Jeffrey C

Bitcoiner & Branta User

North Carolina, USA

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